The Impact of Being Featured in the Google TV Market

It has been a week since we were fortunate to be picked by the Google TV team to be a featured app in the Google TV Market. We thought it would be interesting to other developers to report on the impact it has had on our app, Able Remote.

We decided to compare the growth in the data for the last week with the week before that:

  • Net installs (Market Developer Dashboard): 1,558%
  • In-app purchases (Market Developer Dashboard): 437%
  • Active users (Flurry Analytics): 313%
  • Web site traffic (Google Analytics): 485% [visits], 499% [page views]
  • Intro video views (YouTube Analytics): 144%
  • Support emails: 236%
  • Ratings/comments (Market Developer Dashboard): 300%

Being featured has been a big boost for our app. We will post more data in the future to see what the longer term impact will be.

Learn more about Able Remote.

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