The Future of Able Remote

It is just over a week since Able Remote was released in the Android Market. The response from users have been overwhelmingly positive.

The aim of releasing Able Remote was to distinguish it from the official Google TV Remote app with features like gesture navigation, voice commands, mobile sharing, notifications and quick launching of apps. We also wanted to determine if there was a market for the app.

The feedback from users about these unique features have been very encouraging and it is clear that users want us to keep developing the app. Users have been suggesting various improvements and we have made some maintenance releases already.

Currently, Able Remote is free. To continue paying for the development costs, we have to consider some options to generate income.

The easiest would be to use advertising, but it is critical for us to use as much of the screen for the remote control features. We also don’t believe that advertising makes sense for the user experience of a remote control app.

Another alternative is to use in-app billing. For example, we are planning on adding a major feature that would allow users to customize the buttons for the remote actions and for launching Google TV apps. This feature could be enabled by asking a nominal fee, maybe $0.99. The rest of the features of the existing app would still be free.

Currently, Able Remote will work on a tablet device, but it doesn’t effectively use the larger screen space. We have ideas on doing some interesting features just for the tablet version of the app. With more space to work with, advertising might be an option for the tablet version of the app.

We would like to hear your feedback and suggestions on how we can keep affording to develop Able Remote. What do you think?

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