Able Remote 2.2.9 Released with PIP

Able Remote 2.2.9 for Google TV has been released in the Google Play Store.

The ultimate Google TV remote. Turn your Android device into a Google TV remote. A featured app in the Google TV Store!

Able Remote 2.2.9 includes:

  • Enhanced PIP feature.
  • New DVR record button.
  • Additional logos for favorite channels.
  • Fix for sharing issue.

This release includes an enhanced picture-in-picture (PIP) feature. The enhanced PIP feature allows you to place the TV video anywhere on the screen using gestures. When you click the new enhanced PIP button, you will see a touch control. Use one finger to move the PIP window and use two fingers to resize the window. There are some technical limitations with this feature: you cannot interact with other apps on the screen and you cannot independently control the audio. So get your favorite app ready and then add the enhanced PIP on top.

There is a new button to allow you to directly record shows on your DVR instead of using the Bookmark/Record button to select the same action.

We have added many more channel logos for the favorite channels feature. If you got a text label for your channel, try again and see if you get a better image logo now.

Learn more about Able Remote.

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