Able Remote 2.2.4 Released in the Google Play Store

Able Remote 2.2.4 for Google TV has been released in the Google Play Store.

The ultimate Google TV remote. Turn your Android device into a Google TV remote. A featured app in the Google TV Store!

Able Remote 2.2.4 includes:

  • Share and switch button layout.
  • Backup and restore all settings.
  • Prefer HD setting.
  • Fix for channel listings.

Now you can share your button layout with family and friends. Once you have configured your button layout, use ‘Menu/Share Button Layout’ to share the layout. You can share the layout by email or use Google Drive or Dropbox. If somebody shares the layout with you, open the layout file on your mobile device to import the button layout. After the layout has been imported, use ‘Menu/Switch Button Layout’ in Able Remote to select the imported layout.

Able Remote now allows you to backup all your settings and button layout to an SD card using ‘Menu/Backup’. If you need to do a factory reset on your phone or move to a new phone, you can now restore all the settings from the SD card using ‘Menu/Restore’.

There is a new setting that allows you to prefer HD channels. When you select a TV channel from the channel listing, Able Remote will automatically attempt to find the HD version of that channel.

This release also includes a workaround for a channel listing issue which prevented some users from getting the list of channels. Dish customers will not get channel listings due to a Google TV limitation.

Learn more about Able Remote.

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