Able Remote 2.2.2 Released in the Google Play Store

Able Remote 2.2.2 for Google TV has been released in the Google Play Store.

The ultimate Google TV remote. Turn your Android device into a Google TV remote. A featured app in the Google TV Store!

Able Remote 2.2.2 includes:

  • Favorite channels
  • Double-click volume adjustment
  • Buttons for selecting touch panels
  • Replaced widgets feature with weather button
  • Improved network support for Google Play Music widget

Users have requested the ability to configure a list of favorite channels and be able to jump between those quickly. In this release we have added a new button at the bottom of the screen which allows users to configure up to 21 favorite TV channels. Clicking on an empty space will allow you to configure your favorite channel. Clicking on a configured channel will make your TV change to that channel.

When you jump from live TV to Google Play Music or YouTube, there is usually a big jump in the volume which forces you to quickly adjust the volume level. In this release we have added a feature which can be enabled in Menu/Settings to quickly adjust the volume. Simply double-click on the physical volume buttons and the volume will quickly adjust by the configured amount.

Users have requested a faster way to jump between the various touch panels. In this release we have added buttons for each touch panel which allows you to jump to any of the touch panel directly.

Based on analytics, users are mostly using the weather and clock widgets. We have decided to remove our proprietary widget feature and replace it with a weather button that will display the weather and clock as an overlay.

Learn more about Able Remote.

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