Able Remote 2.2.1 Released in the Google Play Store

Able Remote 2.2.1 for Google TV has been released in the Google Play Store.

The ultimate Google TV remote. Turn your Android device into a Google TV remote. A featured app in the Google TV Store!

Able Remote 2.2.1 includes:

  • Voice commands for playing Google Music
  • Android widget to control Google TV Play Music
  • Dash character for number pad for local channels

A new voice command has been added to launch Google’s Play Music app on Google TV. To launch the app and start playing music, click on the voice command button and say “play”. To start playing a particular track say “play” and the track name, for example “play firework”. The track name is matched by the Google Play Music app and can be strict and might not always match your track. Also, if a track is matched it will play automatically, but if a playlist or album is matched it will only be selected due to technical limitations with the API.

There is also a new Android widget for your mobile device to remotely control the Google Play Music app on your Google TV. On your mobile device, press ‘Menu/Add/Widgets’. Select ‘Able Remote Play Music’ from the list of widgets. You will be prompted to select which Google TV to control. The widget has a button to play or pause the music and another button to select the next track. The current track and artist is displayed on the widget. You can configure multiple widgets, each for a different Google TV.

Learn more about Able Remote.

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