Able Remote 2.1.0 Released in the Android Market

Able Remote 2.1.0 for Google TV has been released in the Android Market.

Turn your Android device into a Google TV remote. Now a featured app in the Google TV Market!

Able Remote 2.1.0 includes:

  • Edit feature device buttons are labeled
  • Caller ID and SMS notifications display contact photo
  • Macros added spotlight app support
  • New buttons: previous, next, TV power

We have seen a number of comments from users who mistakenly think there are remote control features missing from Able Remote. We have decided to release this version with labeled buttons in the Menu/Edit buttons screen to make it clear what each icon means.

We have also changed the way Caller ID and SMS notifications are displayed to users. If there is a photo in your contacts for the incoming call, then Able Remote will display that on your TV. Note that the new notification mechanism does not add to the notification history on your TV; you can enable the previous kind of notification in the app Settings.

Learn more about Able Remote.

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