• TV Touch navigation

  • Touch play controls

  • View photos and videos from your device on Google TV

  • Share web pages with the TV

  • Launch your favorite apps

  • Jump to your favorite TV channels

  • Customize buttons

  • View SMS, Caller ID and Android notifications on your TV

  • Voice commands

  • Single button power on/off all devices

  • Control your TV, set-top box, audio receiver and Blu-ray player

  • Create macros that combine device, app and channel actions.

  • Change the user interface color.

  • Web bookmarks.

  • Spotlight web apps.

  • Weather and clock overlay

  • Trending posts from Google+

  • Android widget to remotely control Google's Play Music app

  • Share button layouts

  • Backups

  • Netflix Instant Queue

  • All the main features of the app are free. Some options to change the settings or edit the buttons require a nominal fee.

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